Daedalus Howell

Conceptual Artist in Narrative

From meme to myth, for fans and brands, in-house and for hire, I create narratives in books, films, advertising, and conceptual art. Wherever a story is needed, I'll be there.

Otherwise, I file arts coverage alt-weeklies, daily metros, and national magazines, I do speaking gigs, blog, and write funny, semi-autobiographical novels that draw on my experiences as a small town reporter (which I still am).

In the meantime, I lead a talented team, who daily strive to keep "community access and cablecast dreams" alive and, well...

I first put the "me" in "media" as a Petaluma paperboy. Now I'm a grown-ass newspaperman. My byline presently appears in Men’s Health, Rivertown Report and the North Bay Bohemian. It has also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma Index-Tribune, Sonoma Valley Sun, Sonoma MagazineLos Angeles Downtown News, Petaluma Argus-Courier, Pacific Sun and Made Local. You’ve heard me on KRCB, KSVY and on The Drive on KSRO. I also hacked in Hollywood before washing up as an award-winning wine writer in Sonoma. I recently aged out of Oakland and moved back to Petaluma where I write funny, semi-autobiographical novels that draw on my experience as a small town reporter. I've either come full circle or I'm treading a rat wheel I've mistaken for a career.

My latest novel, Quantum Deadline (FMRL, 2015) is available everywhere quality literature is sold. The North Bay Bohemian says it's a "...noirish, sci-fi-lite detective story with a heap of self-parody that's by turns poignant, witty and comic."

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Conceptual artist Daedalus Howell.

Conceptual artist Daedalus Howell.

“I’m a media gadfly inching toward being a media maven. And then, perhaps, one day, a mogul. But like, you know, the People’s Mogul.”
— Daedalus Howell

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