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Coming Soon — A new Feature Film from the people who brought you Pill Head...

Lycan or not, werewolves are back! And our new campy comedy, Werewolf Serenade, is ready for its close-up.

Special Full Moon Showing at 9 pm, Friday, June 21

Smith Rafael Film Center • 1118 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA.

By day, I’m a small town journo. By happy hour, I’m an indie writer & filmmaker, world-building in Wine Country.

This is where I deconstruct the art and business of storytelling as a one-man creative media lifestyle brand. No, seriously.

I began my career in media as a paperboy and eventually grew into a newspaperman. I have written for various national and regional publications, clocked hundreds of bylines, and since 2019, I’ve been the editor of the North Bay Bohemian and Pacific Sun (and a shit ton of magazines).

Now, I’m your basic, artsy multihyphenate, working artsy-type born under the sign of X. I’ve had breaks, been broke and back again, and brake for solid storytelling, good branding, and better wine.

Meanwhile: Word Games.

From the magazine...

  • The Sell Out

    Please, Someone, Show Me How As a card-carrying member of Generation X, I distinctly remember the stigma associated with selling out. How could one not? The sentiment was everywhere, foaming from the lips of every artist and musician like a froth of anti-ambition. It was the plot of the film Reality Bites and the de facto…

  • Werewolf Serenade at AVFest!

    Below is some ready-made PR for film fans to sink their teeth into regarding our upcoming screening at Healdsburg’s AVFest… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ‘Werewolf Serenade’ Film Howls in Healdsburg Locally-Made Feature Makes its Film Festival Premiere at AVFest PETALUMA, Calif. (FMRL) April 16, 2024 –Those looking for a fangtastic date night will want to see…

  • Ghosted, in the Machine

    In a moment that may be too meta to mention (but I will anyway), I am now an AI.  More specifically, I am a generative artificial intelligence product licensed and operated under the brand name and/or byline known collectively as “Daedalus Howell.” This of course comes with the disclaimer that I will occasionally “hallucinate” when…

  • Hitchcock by the Bay

    The Birds, Bodega and Wine  When we think of filmmakers and wine, it’s likely in this order of appearance that they come to mind: Francis Ford Coppola, Orson Welles, and Alexander Payne. Why? Coppola has long had a flourishing wine brand under his own name, Welles promised to sell no Paul Masson wine “before its…

  • Seasoned

    More than thyme is on your side Who could forget 1992’s Death Becomes Her? Here’s a refresher: Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn play fading Hollywood rivals whose supernatural beauty treatments (and murderous subplottings) eventually find them a pair of catty zombies who require the efforts of “Ernest” (an alcoholic, put-upon former plastic surgeon played by…

  • Parting Lips

    On the occasion of our last reading at BUMP Cellars, Sonoma: A chapbook introduction. Perhaps I’m looking back with rosé-colored glasses, but in my memory, the genesis of the decades-long poetry series memorialized by this chapbook went something like this: Lisa Summers (as Judy Garland — all puckish moxie), “Hey, let’s put on a show!”…