Author. Auteur. Artist. Alien.

I write genre-bender novels and direct art-house films that draw on my experience as a small-town reporter. These projects represent my ongoing effort to create narrative art that’s part of an “immersive transmedia experience within a self-consistent fictional universe.” Allow me to explain

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The Press Democrat called it “Satirically off-the-wall” —  the Sonoma Valley Sun called it “Mindbending…” — And if you have Amazon Prime, you can call it free! Pill Head my cult, artsploitation feature debut as a writer-director is available to stream!

After an overdose, art student Theda becomes a specimen in her university’s experimental psych program. But there’s a side effect: She begins to see into the possibilities of alternate universes. When a doppelganger wards her off the program’s enigmatic Dr. Ashe, she’s determined to escape but her salvation lays through the looking glass of quantum quandaries and overcoming her own nature.

Emily Ahrens, Alia Beeton | Produced by Karen Hess
Written & Directed by Daedalus Howell

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On Quantum Deadline: “…a noirish, sci-fi-lite detective story with a heap of self-parody that’s by turns poignant, witty and comic…” — North Bay Bohemian


“Night School of the Mind Podcast”

Welcome my labyrinth of literature, lies & lampoons. This is where I riff, rehearse and release cultural critiques, observations on the creative life. I’m in the midst of the same existential dilemmas as you. This is my side of the conversation.