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Daedalus Howell | Writer-Director

I write novels, direct films and make the occasional conceptual art narrative experience. The works share characters, themes and other preoccupations of their author-auteur — mainly neo noir, sci-fi crime, the paranormal, pills, the multiverse and a sense of humor to wash it down.

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Story Studio | Novels & Screenplays

So, I’ve been creating an immersive transmedia experience within a self-consistent fictional universe — what they call worldbuilding. Think Tolkien’s Middle Earth or that galaxy far, far away. Or Marvel, or even the the Dublin of James Joyce’s Ulysses, or the intertextualized Midwest of Kurt Vonnegut and you get the idea. In my case, the scope is narrowed to the small American town (Sonoma County’s Petaluma, CA — a.k.a. Lumaville) where I grew up and contains my neo noir paranormal preoccupations.

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The Motion Picture Version of My Life

Cinema | Feature Film(s) & Short Subjects

Looming large on the topography of any storyworld is a the veritable Everest of the feature film. Well, we’ve got one (Pill Head, now in post-production!). Join in as we finish our film and watch some early efforts — you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss five bucks goodbye…

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Notes from the Underground

Journo’s Notebook | Blogs & Premium Content

Back in my early newsroom days, when I first concocted the persona and voice I’d write and perform as in my subsequent worldbuilding endeavors, the editors would let us cub reporters stray from our beats into a journalistic DMZ dubbed the “Reporter’s Notebook.” This was where we could write first person, hone our voices and basically indemnify the paper from any of our outre opinions.

The column was a sanctuary for those, like me, who fancied ourselves more writer than reporter and now, I continue something of the Reporter’s Notebook ethos in a mix of blog and premium content I call the Journo’s Notebook.

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