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My narrative works are part of an interconnected story universe.  They share characters and other preoccupations of their author-auteur — mainly neo-noir, sci-fi crime, the paranormal, pills, the Many Worlds Theory, the cultural irrelevance of Gen X and a dark but redemptive sense of humor. These worldbuilding endeavors are inspired by my experience as a small town reporter (Petaluma, CA — a.k.a. Lumaville) where I grew up, repatriated and recreate (dare I say improve) here.

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The Motion Picture Version of My Life

Cinema | Feature Film(s) & Short Subjects

Looming large on the topography of any story world is the veritable Everest of the feature film. Well, we’ve got one (Pill Head, now in post-production!). Join in as we finish our film and watch some early efforts — you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss five bucks goodbye…

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Notes from the Underground

Journo’s Notebook | Blogs & Columns

Back in my early newsroom days, when I first concocted the persona and voice I’d write and perform as in my subsequent worldbuilding endeavors, the editors would let us cub reporters stray from our beats into a journalistic DMZ dubbed the “Reporter’s Notebook.” This was where we could write first-person, hone our voices and basically indemnify the paper from any of our outre opinions.

The column was a sanctuary for those, like me, who fancied ourselves more writer than a reporter. Now, I continue something of the Reporter’s Notebook ethos in a mix of blog and premium content I call the Journo’s Notebook.

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