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I’m Daedalus Howell (DAY-de-lus howl), a writer and filmmaker fascinated with the culture of storytelling as an art, business, and lifestyle.

I’m the writer-director Pill Head and the forthcoming Wolf Story, author of Quantum Deadline, I Heart Sonoma, and The Late Projectionist, as well as a newspaper editor (Bohemian and Pacific Sun).

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Old Bird

After seeing this photo from the New York Times 15 years ago, I think anyone worth their genome would argue that “heritage” turkeys owe a genetic debt to dinosaurs. In fact, a theory has long been advanced that birds don’t just resemble dinosaurs, they are dinosaurs. The Dinobuzz page at the University of California Museum…

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“…Dives into the deep end of cinema’s absurdity pool with arthouse flair.” — Bohemian

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