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When your project needs a transcendent turn, I give you creative direction at the crossroads of art, entertainment, media, and brand marketing.

Craft goes far. Artistry goes further.

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Creative Work: Films

Perhaps it started when I was a toddler and my mother would bring me to her university film classes. Maybe it was when that impossibly large star destroyer cruised overhead in a crowded cinema in 1977. It was definitely well-rooted by the time I was taking tickets at the Plaza Theatre as a teen. A five-year lost weekend trying to connect the cue dots in Hollywood made it both somehow near and far at the same time. However it happened, film and filmmaking have long been a passion, a pursuit, and a persona for me. Here’s how I’ve fared thus far…


“Night School of the Mind Podcast”

Welcome my labyrinth of literature, lies & lampoons. This is where I riff, rehearse and release cultural critiques, observations on the creative life. I’m in the midst of the same existential dilemmas as you. This is my side of the conversation.


Is Ikea Making a Rocky Horror Picture Show Furniture Set?

The Internet recently lit up like the string of Christmas lights festooning Will Byers’ living room thanks to the Swedish furniture-for-the-people store Ikea. Apparently, the living room sets of the iconic Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and Friends living rooms can be had in flat-pack-friendly interior design kits. This marketing cross-pitch (interior design meets Gen X …

Saint Drogo, Patron Saint of Coffee Houses. And Sheep.

Like many of my godless generation, I know more about Marvel superheroes than I do about saints. Still, I was surprised that I had never heard of Saint Drogo — the patron saint of coffee houses — until falling into a fateful Wikipedia wormhole. Cafes and coffee houses, after all, are the proverbial third place where my …