I’m Daedalus Howell, a San Francisco Bay Area journalist (editor, Pacific Sun, Bohemian) and author-auteur (writer, Quantum Deadline, director, Pill Head). Currently, on assignment penning a mystery series that promises entertaining enigmas and mordant wit more trenchant than a trenchcoat (ironically, the least trenchant outerwear). Sign up for my latest bylines and exclusive off the record content!

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Praise for the film Pill Head

“…Satirically off-the-wall…” — Press Democrat

Praise for the novel Quantum Deadline

“A wonderful blend of mystery, science fiction and dark comedy that keeps readers from putting the story down.” – SciFi Bloggers


  • Earth’s Fast Rotation is the New Spin Cycle
    As the world turns Even though it’s over, 2020 is still getting worse. Case in point, scientists have discovered that, due to a variety of circumstances, the Earth apparently spun on its axis at an increased rate last year. Yes, our collective merry-go-round is going faster—hang on tight. Though the increased speed… Continue reading Earth’s Fast Rotation is the New Spin Cycle
  • The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn: It’s Not Over Yet
    The darkest hour is just before dawn. Like many Gen Xers, I was introduced to this concept in a Mamas and Papas lyric crackling on the radio. Source: The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn: It’s Not Over Yet
  • Writing in Cafes
    Remember writing in cafes? My own obsession began with Christine’s Cafe in Petaluma in the mid-’80s but quickly metastasized into San Anselmo’s Cafe Nuvo and finally into San Francisco’s North Beach. This is where my cohorts and I vainly searched for traces of the Beats, who, by the early ’90s, were so… Continue reading Writing in Cafes