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I’m Daedalus Howell (DAY-de-lus howl), a writer, filmmaker, and journalist, living and working in Petaluma, CA. I began my life in letters as a paperboy but eventually grew into a newspaperman. Since then, I’ve clocked hundreds of bylines, written novels, and screenplays, and made films, music videos, and conceptual art installations. I directed the feature film Pill Head (“…Satirically off-the-wall…” — Press Democrat) and am the author, most recently, of Quantum Deadline, a “…noirish, sci-fi-lite detective story with a heap of self-parody,” according to one critic. I’m currently the editor of the North Bay Bohemian and Pacific Sun newspapers, and in 2023, my second feature film, a werewolf flick, is coming to a screen near you. More.

Daedalus Howell
Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Man.

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second brain

Second Brain

This was originally written for the March 2023 edition of Philosophy Notes, the newsletter of the Marin Philosophical Society. There’s…

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“…Dives into the deep end of cinema’s absurdity pool with arthouse flair.” — Bohemian


Film and filmmaking have long been a passion, a pursuit, and a persona for me. Here’s how I’ve fared thus far.

Quantum Deadline

“Playfully meshes stylistic conventions with a sardonic self-deprecating protagonist…Fast-paced…” — KRCB


I write therefore I’m employed — from fiction to unfiction and many stops in between…

“Their most political statement yet.” — Bohemian

Conceptual Art

If I had a gift shop, I’d insist you exit through it.


Talk is cheap (I mean, “information wants to be free”). Interviews and monologues in audio form.

Reporter's Notebook


From columns to posts and all manner of written ephemera in between, this is my online Reporter’s Notebook.