I fancy this blog as something akin to my own, personal magazine, where I riff, rehearse and write about whatever has overtaken my mind at any given moment.

  • Old Bird

    Old Bird

    After seeing this photo from the New York Times 15 years ago, I think anyone worth their genome would argue that “heritage” turkeys owe a genetic debt to dinosaurs. In fact, a theory has long been advanced that birds don’t just resemble dinosaurs, they are dinosaurs. The Dinobuzz page at the University of California Museum […]

  • Autofiction


    You’d be forgiven if you thought autofiction was filler for a hot rod mag. The Greek prefix auto- means “self,” think “autobiography”—now, swap in “fiction” and you get the gist.  It’s nothing new, references reach back at least as far as the 70s (according to contemporary criticism) and likely beyond.  This bastard offspring of memoir and […]

  • ‘Best Vampire City’ as Content Marketing

    ‘Best Vampire City’ as Content Marketing

    With apologies to the California Milk Processor Board — Got Blood? This is a question that might be top of mind for vampires this Halloween weekend as the veil thins and, hopefully, the veins open.  Those fanged followers in San Francisco are particularly in luck according to a recent analysis by the fine folks at […]

  • Irish Writers in ‘The Simpsons’

    Irish Writers in ‘The Simpsons’

    Here’s a quick public service post of the week: My son was watching The Simpsons on Disney+, when, during an Irish pub scene in Episode 14, Season 20, “In the Name of the Grandfather,” up popped the yellow, cartoonish visages of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, and Oscar Wilde. Arguably Irish literature’s “Big […]

  • Pan Solo: Life-sized ‘Star Wars’ bread art

    Pan Solo: Life-sized ‘Star Wars’ bread art

    Sure, too many baked goods could make you look like Jabba the Hutt, but has it never occurred to you to consider what Jabba the Hutt would make with baked goods?   Thanks to French Laundry-trained baker Hanalee Pervan, we have an answer. Meet “Pan Solo”—a life-sized tribute to Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, made entirely […]

  • Mustache: Should I shave or should I grow

    Mustache: Should I shave or should I grow

    The prevalence of unironic mustaches is growing. By “unironic,” I mean mustaches grown in earnest without self-conscious consideration, self-parody, critique or “cool.” By mustaches, I mean hair facial growth above the lip, unaccompanied by a goatee, beard, chinstrap, soul patch or fashion sense.    Banished as relics from the ’70s (when only hippies and rock stars […]

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