Rin’s Thai

Area street maps don’t show it, but locals have long known of a shortcut that leads from downtown Sonoma directly to Bangkok. Here’s the trick: head east on East Napa Street to number 139, enter, eat. Now, it might only … Read on.

Tourist Bored

At the Wine Exchange, a hybrid tasting room and speakeasy the Contessa and I visited yesterday, a pony-tailed day-tripper was wagging her wine-stained tongue about locals and tourists landing on a curlicue query about how tourists are perceived in Sonoma. … Read on.

The Glariffee

Having recently become a Sonomanid, that is to say, a resident of burgeoning winetown Sonoma, CA, I am frequently pointed to aspects of our town’s authentic experience. When a comely young EMT from the welcoming committee tested my Sonoma mettle … Read on.