Read it and weep.Launched a new column in the Sonoma Valley Sun yesterday. The editorial gang over on West Napa was kind enough to plug it on the weekly’s cover with the rather cheeky, myth-o-logically-inspired subhead “Daedalus Howell Flies to the Sun,” which was surely devised to rile the Sonoma Index-Tribune where I also freelance. I’m happy with the space, though I may have to retake the mugshot that crests it. The hebdomadal missives (yes, I’ve just overdrawn my account with fifty cent words) are filed under the title “Nomaville,” a moniker-a-clef which is my way of suggesting that there exists an ulterior Sonoma, a shadow city of cultural curios, ripe to be mined. As with most of my newspaper endeavors, the column will be archived at, specifically under Nomaville.