Lifestyle Choice

Plate of shrimp = synchronicityA drawback to wine country living is the prospect of wine country driving. I’m not as cavalier as some I’ve witnessed making tactical chunders on winery roadsides, nor am I the type to hire a limo and froth like the … Read on.

Atomic Logrolling

Thank you Masked Man.Kudos and thanks to writer Russ Pitts whose article “Duck and Cover,” printed in gamer magazine The Escapist, makes passing reference to “author and filmmaker Daedalus Howell” while examining the cultural impact of The Day After. Pitts cites … Read on.

Rainy Day Activities

Here comes the rain again...Here are some utterly unsettling rainy day activities to wile away this wet Sonoma weather:

Look up area road closures online! For example, on its “Current Road Closures and Detours” page, Sonoma County Public Works reminds that the Verano Bridge, … Read on.