Maybe Baby

Mama?In this episode of the Daedalus Howell Show, filmmakers Abe Levy and Silver Tree (The Aviary) discuss the production of their latest film collaboration, One of Our Own, a seriocomic look at surrogate motherhood. Throughout the hour-long … Read on.

Nomaville: The Beard

The Beardlings!My wife, the Contessa, and I recently had occasion to visit a Central Coast college town, quaint but hip, where swarms of students hovered like furtive moths in that twilight between “juvenile” and “minor.” The distinction between these ephemeral modes … Read on.

SonomaWino: Plumpjack

The better part of valour is discretion.My wife the Contessa has a crush on San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, and I’ve never bothered to fathom why. To me, he’s always seemed like a lost Baldwin brother squeezed into the familial lineup somewhere betwixt Alec and Billy, … Read on.

SonomaWino: Corison Winery

Cab chauvinism?In the face of the post-Sideways Pinot consciousness creeping over palates, like an umlaut on naïf, winemaker Cathy Corison proudly describes herself as a “Cabernet chauvinist.” It’s refreshing to hear a woman stand by her Cab, but even more so … Read on.