FineLife Magazine released

FineLife, the new glossy wine country magazine for which I am editor, hits newsstands on Thursday, June 28. Look for “1977 Redux,” my comic exploration of the interrelation of Star Wars and Annie Hall, both of which turn 30 this year.

If I could save “Tim” in a bottle

Time over-easy.It was my understanding of physics that the phenomenon of the fourth dimension, “time” I think it’s called, is the universe’s way of preventing everything from happening at once. Of course, no matter how intelligently designed the universe may seem to some, it’s rife with flaws and imperfections (which accounts for much of its charm, like Marilyn’s mole) and gets particularly out of joint when it comes to arrangement of linear moments. That is to say, everything still happens all at once, or at least seems so in the corners of space that I frequent.

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