Everything is a hybrid these days – from the half-and-half in one’s coffee to the electric cars zipping down the diamond lane. Screenwriters have long-nurtured hybrid consciousness, hence ye olde “cross pitch” wherein the tone of a prospective project is … Read on.

Wine Pill Popper

No Parking, reallyWhile driving to FilmArt3 today, I was greeted by my own voice on NPR’s Morning Edition, which, trust me, is quite a weird way to start the day. Science and health reporter Allison Aubrey quoted your humble scribe in “Red … Read on.

Movable Type

Just my type.I cannot recount the amount of times I’ve mistyped the title of this column as “Nomavile.” What is my subconscious trying to tell me with that elusive letter “l?” That my entire career rests in the hands of copy editors? … Read on.


This is not an iPod ad.Of the many joys to be experienced working with Raymond Daigle at FilmArt3, making our weekly “Flipbook” short films has been one of the more rewarding. Our latest endeavor is Orange – a little flick that began life as a … Read on.