Regretflix – The Netflix Paradox

RegretflixI pride myself on being something of a cinephile – so much so, that I yearn to someday call myself a cineaste, which I understand means the same thing but sounds more erudite and, frankly, less creepy. It is this very aspiration that has led to my secret shame: I’m a Netflix horder. I have films sent that I neither watch nor return. Nor intend to, it seems.You see, watching some films is like flossing one’s teeth – not entirely pleasant but you know it’s good for you, so you intend to do it. But you don’t. This is how I feel about my current “queue.” I quite liked director Hal Hartley’s “Henry Fool,” a seriocomic portrait of a seedy would-be poet, braggart and liar who wreaks emotional havoc on those around him. Moreover, I absolutely adored its improbable sequel “Fay Grim,” which takes place a decade later and posits that the fictions woven by the prequel’s titular character were all true. Brilliant. So, why can I not bring myself to watch the same director’s “Possible Films: Short Works by Hal Hartley 1994-2004,” which has languished on an end table in my house for nine weeks? Continue reading “Regretflix – The Netflix Paradox”