Camus at the Cafe Counter

Flash LelyAs part of our morning commute, Flash Lely and I take a daily stroll into Barking Dog Roasters on Sonoma Highway. We order coffee, are dispensed paper to-go cups and proceed to the self-serve pump pots. Without fail, whether he attempts to fill his cup with the house blend or the French roast, Lely selects the coffee dispenser that has just run out. He sighs, I chortle and within a beat, the pot is replaced with a fresh and full one. It should be noted that in the hustle-bustle that is mornings at Barking Dog (or the Darkling Bog, as we say, lending the café the sheen of the Shire), the staff is so diligent, so expert, that the dispensers are seldom left empty for more than a millisecond. Except when Flash is at the pump. Continue reading “Camus at the Cafe Counter”