Witch glitch

Threesome?Your intrepid reporter submits the following dispatch from Nomaville, but makes no claim for its accuracy, veracity or agenda. – DH

The three witches of Shakespeare’s MacBeth have gotten back together and are currently on tour. The wicked sisters, known … Read on.

All the news that fits

Fear of razor burn.Occasionally, news stories slip through the cracks in our editorial edifice. Fortunately, nothing gets by your intrepid Nomaville-based reporter.

Zoologists have announced that a creature captured in the Pacific Northwest of North America is not the fabled Sasquatch as first … Read on.


Just a dab will do ya.And so Saturday night, following the GunBun screening of “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” I found myself at the Fig, worked up into such a lather that I insisted on having three-time Sunnys Award-winning bartender Mark O’Donnell spike my pintos of Anchor … Read on.

The Telemarketer Always Rings Thrice

Can you hear me now?Every so often I feel compelled to enumerate the reasons why I’m going to hell. Chief among them is the rather tawdry period of my professional life sandwiched between paperboy and newspaperman…

My name is Daedalus Howell and I was … Read on.