Flash ‘Stache

Wanna ride?Congrats are in order to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, which successfully morphed into a clone of Studio 54 last Saturday – but without all the pesky celebrities. That is, unless one counts Sun photog Flash Lely’s new mustache, … Read on.

A Room with a Bilge

Sink or swim.The mortgage crisis be damned. I just received a press release that offered ?a taste of the many real estate options available to you, the multiple-home owner.? The editor of LuxuryLife newsletter is pimping The World, a 12 deck ship … Read on.

Of Art and Artifice (and newts)

I prefer wing of bat.As this newspaper’s resident culture vulture, I’m frequently asked to attend all manner of fêtes and receptions, including a soiree for photo editor Ryan “Flash” Lely’s current show at the Sunflower Caffé. Having written the corresponding “illuminations” of Lely’s fine … Read on.