The Digerati and Me

Last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine theme, “How We Watch Stuff,” compelled me to log into the Netflix community page and summon data for what Sonoma is watching. Yes, you can do that. It’s kind of wrong, but it’s also kind of cool – like looking at your ex’s profile on Facebook. ­At present writing, the flick climbing through most of Sonoma’s Netflix cues is “Life Before Her Eyes,” which appears to be a metaphysical-drama about the “15th anniversary of a tragic high school shooting,” wherein “Diana (Uma Thurman) flashes back to a time when her teenage self (Evan Rachel Wood) and best friend, Maureen (Eva Amurri), dreamed of leaving their small town.” Suddenly, I’m wary of the class of ’93.
The Times arrives on our doorstep in printed form for reasons the Contessa has yet to satisfactorily justify. As someone who reads the majority of my news online (including, I find the notion of dead-tree media irksome. My wife likes to cuddle up with coffee, the Times and while away Sunday morning – occasionally dispatching me for toast. Meanwhile, I’m trying to wet-wire my frontal lobe to my laptop.

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Eggnog: The Motion Picture

The colonists called it egg’n’grog, the French call it lait de poule (“hen milk”), but Raymond Daigle and I call it inspiration for a?Christmas-themed cooking show gone awry. Behold, Eggnog: The Motion Picture