Job Security

The founder of the company checked in while abroad, so I thought I’d mess with him in my email reply:

“Yeah, things have gotten pretty crazy since you’ve been out. Colin is convinced he created a clock app that not … Read on.

The Extroverted iPad

Apparently, my iPad doesn’t know the word “shy.” Or, in its lingo, “the entity,” which sounds entirely more sci-fi. What if emotions WERE entities that expressed themselves through us like passing spirits? And would some happy ones moonlight as event … Read on.


This is me pretending to be productive on BART. I’m one of the few lucky Brahmin with a seat thanks to some deft maneuvering and the fact that nobody wanted to sit next to my seat mate, who’s playing some … Read on.

Language is a virus (refresher)

From Christopher Johnson’s Microstyle:

William S. Burroughs wrote that “language is a virus,” capturing the feeling we sometimes have of being possessed by, rather than possessing, language. (Of course, Burroughs also said that language was “from outer space,” but that … Read on.