How to Write a Novel: Wait Until You’re 40 and Forget Everything

This happens sometimes: I?ll get some saying stuck in my head, Google it, and find the only person to have ever mentioned it online was me. And usually in a previous column. For example, someone, somewhere once told me that, ?Novelists are born at 40.? Naturally, the only record I could find of that exact phrase was on, under my own byline.

Now, the fantasist in me wants to believe that I?ve learned to time travel and obviously a future self planted that phrase in a past column so that I could find it now, thus inspiring the chain of events that eventually leads to my ability to time travel. It could happen. It could also happen that my short-term memory is shot. I?m not going to torture myself by Googling ?Amnesics are born at 40,? for fear that I?ve already written it somewhere. That is, unless my time-traveling future self is saving it up to pay off some gag down the line. Continue reading “How to Write a Novel: Wait Until You’re 40 and Forget Everything”