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  • Friends with Bookends: New Works from Chensvold and Summers

    Friends with Bookends: New Works from Chensvold and Summers

    Two writer pals I esteem offer new works this week. I heartily encourage acquiring these reads from Christian Chensvold and Lisa Summers. Chens and I did time together in the SoCo newspaper racket and later Hollywood — he’s now in the Big Apple, where his longform short story takes place, albeit on the eve of […]

  • Chipotle Cups are Publishing’s New Porn

    It used to be the pornographers who pioneered innovative ways to distribute their product, from the banal (like matchbooks and playing cards) to the once-cutting edge province of the Interweb. In the mid-90s, the Federal Communications Law Journal published an essay by attorney Peter Johnson that’succinctly captured porn’s opportunistic exploitation of media: “Throughout the history […]

  • Literary Criticism by Robots

    Writers who fear that computers will someday displace them may shudder to learn that the machines won’t just write the books, they will read them too. In recent months, both researchers and literary critics are harnessing computational power to ‘read? books in an effort to divine qualities human writers and readers haven’t the bandwidth to […]

  • Rags to Romance: A chat with hybrid author Bella Andre

    Sonoma writer’s seven-figure print deal Like all media-based industries, publishing has seen its share of digital disruption. Unlike the music and film biz, however, the seismic shifts caused by Kindles, iPads and their lot have had direct benefit for the creative people behind the work. Writers, who often have stopped just short of human sacrifice […]