Avant-Garde, Issue 7, 1969.

It was browsing my parents’ old magazines as a child that turned me on to the possibilities of publishing. With its emphasis on graphic design and adventurous typography, Avant-Garde was an obvious favorite. More thoughts on … Read on.

Writing Wrongs

Feeling past-tense?

In its essence, my job is to put words together—in a row. Sure, there’s some syntax to abide by, a pretense toward meaning, but by-and-large robots can do it. To keep ahead, I’m on the lookout for new … Read on.

Quarantine Cooking 101

In the latest edition of my newspaper, I was compelled to pivot the “wining and dining” column a bit to dry out from all of the wine that’s spilled my way lately. The “dining” part of the beat is difficult … Read on.