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  • A Lost Interview with the Late Anthony Bourdain

    A Lost Interview with the Late Anthony Bourdain

    A previously unpublished interview with the remarkable Anthony Bourdain, who is probably the only man who ever uttered: “Dishwashing saved my life.” He will be missed.

  • From Wretch to Fringe: Templeton’s Wretch Like Me On Way to Edinburgh

    For some, the 1970s were a hurly burly of hot tubs and hedonism. For playwright, performer and local journalist David Templeton, it was puppets and Christian Fundamentalism. He eventually outgrew both and shares the life lessons learned along the way with comedy and heart in his one-man show, “Wretch Like Me, or How I Was […]

  • Tuvok Rocks, Tim Russ Too

    Tuvok Rocks, Tim Russ Too

    Not a Trekkie, nor a Trekker be. This was advice someone once gave me at the outset of my love life. They needn’t have bothered. I was part of that cultural shift that occurred when “Star Wars” came along and absorbed the collective attention of an entire generation for anything with “Star” in the title.  […]

  • Rags to Romance: A chat with hybrid author Bella Andre

    Sonoma writer’s seven-figure print deal Like all media-based industries, publishing has seen its share of digital disruption. Unlike the music and film biz, however, the seismic shifts caused by Kindles, iPads and their lot have had direct benefit for the creative people behind the work. Writers, who often have stopped just short of human sacrifice […]

  • Goodbye, Norma Jean: Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist Diana Dawn Hangs Up Her Platinum Wig

    How does one pay tribute to a tribute artist? I suppose before anyone pays anything, we should clarify our terms ? a ?tribute artist? is not a mere impressionist or impersonator, which, respectively, might suggest a Monet or an identity thief. Instead, a tribute artist is a performer whose portrayal of a culturally-relevant personality is […]

  • It’s all NEW for Indie Filmmaker John Harden

    An Invitation to Invest in the Future of Film Among my favorite filmmakers, homegrown or otherwise, is Sonoma County’s own John Harden whose masterful short films, La Vie d’un Chien (The Life of a Dog) and The Story of Sputnik, for my money, represent much of what’s great about the form. Harden is now in preproduction for NEW, which follows […]