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  • Word Watch: Paracosm

    Last May, Wired Magazine’s Clive Thompson filed an interesting piece about the utility of fan fiction and its relationship to the concept of paracosms — imaginary realms replete with their own well-imagined geographies, flora and fauna, which often belie certain psychological dispositions on the part of their inventors. As Thompson writes: “Paracosms are the fantasy […]

  • Deadline Junky

    Like many self-identified ?creative? people, I ‘ve got tremendous issues with maintaining focus, shabby impulse control and a zeal for over-committing my time. Oh, and I’m a junky. A deadline junky. To clarify, I’m not addicted to having a deadline ? due dates are proven productivity tools, which I applaud. Overachievers love beating them (?on […]

  • Lost & Found Pages

    When I lived in Los Angeles, I would frequently discover stray screenplay pages littering the streets. I saved them all and with my ArtsID co-host Gretchen Giles, am pleased to present a staged reading of these pages, complete with cast and soundtrack provided by the fine folks of KRCB 91 FM, Cotati, CA. Since I […]

  • 3 Creative Lessons a 24 Hour Musical Can Teach You

    My daily schedule is a minefield of playdates, meal-makings and writing deadlines. But in no particular order. And with little consistency week to week, despite the valiant efforts of my editors to at least get my column in on time. They could put me on a train in Mussolini’s Italy with an Underwood under my […]

  • Creative Thinking and Drinking and Why it Works

    I would like to buy a round of drinks for the researchers of a recent Consciousness and Cognition publication, Uncorking the muse: Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving. Though the cultural association between creativity and booze is long and storied, science had yet to make a formal connection, at least according to my research (which, […]

  • Creative Jobs. Do You Really Want One?

    At some point, being a starving artist became a romantic notion, associated with expat Americans sipping sanserre in their Parisian garrets. Though there’s presently not a famine striking the art world, the fact is most aspiring artists, writers, actors, etc., are broke.The storied financial foibles of would-be creatives account for the popular search query “creative […]