Friends with Bookends: New Works from Chensvold and Summers

Two writer pals I esteem offer new works this week. I heartily encourage acquiring these reads from Christian Chensvold and Lisa Summers. Chens and I did time together in the SoCo newspaper racket and later Hollywood — he’s now in the Big Apple, where his longform short story takes place, albeit on the eve of the 20th century (though I kinda suspect he lives there too). Summers and I did beats in Wine Country during my five-year Lost Weekend in Sonoma and we share the same collective pub imprint. Her novel, which seemed to bloom overnight in our writer’s workshop, makes its official bow at BUMP Cellars at 6 pm, Thursday, December 21,  at Bump Cellars, 521 Broadway in Sonoma! Click-thru the titles below and get this books at Amazon now!

The DisengageThe Disengage

By Christian Chensvold

A New Yorker-style short story, The Disengage is a kinky black comedy set on New Year’s Eve of 1899, cleverly satirizing the worlds of Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde, and fin-de-siecle decadence, culminating in a duel at dawn in New York City’s Central Park and loaded with cultural references for the over-educated. Both of the period and au courant, The Disengage (a fencing term), is rather quite engaging!

The Green TaraThe Green Tara

By Lisa Summers
A set of false teeth hides a clue to the unsolved mystery of an ancient emerald necklace stolen from an Indian queen. Rachel Fischer-Alvarez, tired mom of five, is out walking the dog in Sonoma, CA, when she discovers evidence that may lead her to the genuine necklace but she must act fast before a gang of aging jewel thieves beats her to it.

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