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All roads lead to this...In ancient Rome, the Forum (forum Romanum magnum) was a center of discourse, an arena of exchange, a place where (to paraphrase the TV producer twit in Annie Hall) a notion, with a bit of backing could turn into a concept, and then an idea.

Much in the way that the colossal dinosaurs (sauropsida dinosauria) evolved into today’s comparatively diminutive birds (archosauria aves), the forum likewise grew smaller, sleeker and eventually acquired the ability to dispense drinking water. This is evident in its current form – the modern office water-cooler (forum minimus aqua) – where the tradition of discourse and exchange persists.

This tradition also endures in the online world through forums such as the recently launched Daedalus Howell Forum (forum daedalus masturbari). Here, Dear Readers, having tired of reading me, you can now read each other.

And me.

Please note the new “forum” button on the navigation bar above.

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