Film Fest Phenom

By day two of debauch that is the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, all I could muster as an update in this space was the sad little business below:

* * *

“I may not here omit those two main plagues, and common dotages of human kind, wine and women, which have infatuated and besotted myriads of people. They go commonly together,” wrote Robert Burton in his 17th century tome “The Anatomy of Melancholy, pt. 1, sct. 2, Member 3, subsct. 13 (1621).

That and Mitch Altieri… More later.

* * *

To clarify, Altieri is the director of Lurking in Suburbia which made its “California premiere” at this year’s SVFF. Altieri and I spent the early parts of the festival in a haze of prolific partying with the festival’s PR staff as well as members of his cast and crew (Flash Flores among them) who rapidly became known as the Lurking Party, later truncated to the Lurkers (as testament to their ability to have a good time, the Lurkers were eventually assigned their own wrangler, driver and wet nurse). As I sort through the ruins and remains of my mind, I’ll surely put down, for the record, the more saliant moments of the experience.

By Daedalus Howell

Daedalus Howell is the writer-director of Pill Head and the upcoming Wolf Story, and author of the novels Quantum Deadline and the Late Projectionist, and the editor of the Bohemian and Pacific Sun. As a writer-filmmaker he creates and examines storytelling as an art, business and lifestyle. If you're in, or interested in the trade, sign up for his newsletter below. Learn how he went from small-town newspaperman to a feature film director here.

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