Gen What?

Time is not on your side.Washington Post scribe Ian Shapira deftly explores the generational name-game in his article, What Comes Next After Generation X?. Apparently twenty-somethings are dissatisfied with such appellations as “Generation Y” and “Millennials.” I surmise they also resent being called the “Pepsi Generation” or merely “the younger, sniveling siblings of X.”

Of course, these industrious, over-educated children of the latter half of the Baby Boom, will never endure the negating non-label of “X,” or suffer the term “slacker,” which sought to slur anyone who came of age in the 80s during the zenith of the Cold War. By the 90s, we suddenly found ourselves blinking into a future so bright we had to wear shades of irony and those who once had their collective finger on the button, wagged it while calling us underachievers. Ah, the 90s.

That we X-ers started so late in the alphabet suggests that humanity might well reach its terminus with “Generation Z” – another reason not be called Y. Who would want to be the parents of the apocalypse?