September, 29

From GunBun to Gayot

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Jeff Bundschu: Cover Model
Jeff Bundschu: Cover Model

Yes, ’twas I who wrote the January/February cover story on Gundlach-Bunschu Winery for Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine. Winery scion Jeff Bundschu is a veritable quote machine in the interesting position of maintaining four generations of family legacy while aggressively embracing the future (I once produced a Gun-Bun tribute video for the Sonoma Valley Vintner’s and Grower’s Alliance wherein pal and AC/DC tribute artist Bob Taylor impersonated Bundschu with the immortal line “Ladies, if you want more gun in your bun…”) And yes, he blogs. Alas, my cover reign ends this week, but don’t fret, my forays in national media continue this week with the release of “Sonoma County, California 72-Hour Vacation” at, wherein I present a three-day itinerary of earthly delights one can enjoy throughout my native county (your Sonoma County lifestyle ambassador at work, my dear Sonomans).

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