Lobby Live Blog: Healdsburg Edition

I’ve got a few minutes before my Next Big Thing, so I thought I’d experiment with some live-blogging from the hotel espresso bar of H2 in Healdsburg, CA.


Today, it seems the baby boom all discovered bicycles ? simultaneously. I?ve never seen so many people in their 60s clad in cycling gear.


Now they?re discussing yoga moves. A woman is trying to describe a position to another but she is at a loss for words. The other keeps throwing animal names at her: preying mantis, eel, newt, snake, cobra. Cobra! That?s it. She ?knew it was something slimy.?


The self-appointed ?cool guy? is wearing a cap printed with a chili pepper pattern.


The cobra woman has ascertained that the coffee tables must have been finished with Tung Oil. I had to look it up. Fortunately, my query ?tongue oil? was politely clarified by Google, ?Did you mean Tung Oil?? Yes, Google, I must?ve, silly me.


Ted is apparently missing. So are Mark and Lisa. Hmm. Sounds like the plot of a French film.


The wine word of the day is ?crush.? There?s apparently a dance that goes with it.


Here?s the chili head guy.


A dude is suggesting a stopover at the ?Hand Fan Museum.? Crickets.


Am told the guy with the ponytail had described his new cycling shoes as “Buttah.”

That’s it, I’m out…