This is not an iPod ad.Of the many joys to be experienced working with Raymond Daigle at FilmArt3, making our weekly “Flipbook” short films has been one of the more rewarding. Our latest endeavor is Orange – a little flick that began life as a dodge of sorts. Three House MultiMedia designer Barney LaHaye called to get the title of our next film for our house-ad in the Sonoma Valley Sun, but we didn’t have a title. In fact, we didn’t even have a film. Raymond and I theorized that if we gave Barney a purposely vague title, the film could be about anything. Raymond suggested Orange and the ad was placed. In the meantime, inspiration struck – a quick chat about silhouetted characters in front of an orange backdrop sparked the seeds of our dialog, which I had on paper within half and hour. We laid the vocal track in Studio B at KSVY with Raymond and Flash Lely performing the male characters and Sharon Nalezny lending the female voice. We shot against green screen the following day, however, Raymond elected to be behind the camera so I pantomimed in his place. After we learned some hard-won lessons about chroma keying, Raymond finished the cut this afternoon. The result is a comic riff on communication between the sexes with a certain color thrown in for good measure. However, the cross pitch might read “an iPod ad meets Woody Allen.” Watch it here.

By Daedalus Howell

I explore the creative life as a storyteller, artist, and entrepreneur. I’m the writer-director of Pill Head and the forthcoming feature film Wolf Story. I’m also the author, most recently, of the novel Quantum Deadline, and am active in media (Bohemian, Pacific Sun). Click to subscribe to my Substack!

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