Deadline Junky

DeadlineLike many self-identified ?creative? people, I?ve got tremendous issues with maintaining focus, shabby impulse control and a zeal for over-committing my time. Oh, and I?m a junky. A deadline junky.

To clarify, I?m not addicted to having a deadline ? due dates are proven productivity tools, which I applaud. Overachievers love beating them (?on the seventh day he rested? totally accounts for the rushed job on the universe in my opinion) and lesser beings need them to bitch about (?Can you believe I only have seven days to make everything? Literally, everything.?) I?m more in the Beatles? camp ? they advocated an ?Eight Days a Week? calendar, which would give me that one extra day that everything seems to need. Like weekends. Or dying. Continue reading “Deadline Junky”