Back to School

Mein fuher, I get no respect.In this episode of the Daedalus Howell Show, we go back to school – or at least I do – literally. As a freshman in 1986, French and drama teacher Madame Wadsworth suspended me for a bawdy stage production of Dr. Strangelove. 20 years later, I reunited with (as we affectionately referred to her) “The Wad” to chat about the aftermath. Also, I try to track down actor Keith Gordon who Starred opposite Rodney Dangerfield in the comedy flick Back to School, only to learn he directed a film based on a novel by mine and author pal Eric Spitznagel’s hero Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (producer Alex Freeman assists).


By Daedalus Howell

I explore the creative life as a storyteller, artist, and entrepreneur. I’m the writer-director of Pill Head and the forthcoming feature film Wolf Story. I’m also the author, most recently, of the novel Quantum Deadline, and am active in media (Bohemian, Pacific Sun). Click to subscribe to my Substack!

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