What does this button do?This week’s episode of the Daedalus Howell Show is a disaster – or at least it’s concerned with disaster. I speak with authors Glenn Kay and Michael Rose, the brains behind Disaster Movies a new tome about the genre; screenwriter pal Jerry Rapp discusses the disaster that lead to his new film Mojave Phone Booth; writer Rich Everitt examines celebrity aviation mishaps in his aptly named book Falling Stars; and psychic medium JoanMarie Whelan helps us predict some disasters.


By Daedalus Howell

I explore the creative life as a storyteller, artist, and entrepreneur. I’m the writer-director of Pill Head and the forthcoming feature film Wolf Story. I’m also the author, most recently, of the novel Quantum Deadline, and am active in media (Bohemian, Pacific Sun). Click to subscribe to my Substack!

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