Tarantino’s Ouvre as Classic Penguin Paperbacks

Tarantino Bookcovers
Among my favorite design trends these past months is the spate of “alternative universe” retro book covers for source material originated in different media. The Record Books of Christophe Gowans‘ (hit records as books) is worth a peek, ditto Mitch Ansara’s I Can Read Movies series, which owes a genetic debt to the work of  Germano Facetti, the art director at Penguin in the 60s and early 70s. London-based graphic designer Sharm Murugiah continues the exercise by filtering the ouvre of  Quentin Tarantino through a Penguin-style lens. The results  play to the strengths of both of Murugiah’s inspirations, while his own wit and sensibility shine through (using the toaster from Pulp Fiction was a nice touch). Click through to see it at the source…

Via  @ LaughingSquid.