The Sandfighter: A music video for Brooklyn’s Falken

I’m pleased to announce the release of “The Sandfighter” music video, created for Brooklyn-based Falken.

Interestingly, I began this project as an 8-year-old in 1980 using a Super 8 camera and a cast of neighborhood friends (including my brother, Falken, and Longwave guitarist Shannon Ferguson) culled from the suburban cul-de-sacs of Santa Rosa, CA. Returning to the footage nearly 30 years later, I was surprised to find so many depictions of stylized, if cartoonish, violence. Toy guns are ubiquitous in this clip, which has a prevailing “Lord of the Flies” meets “Tom & Jerry” vibe (replete with a military-style execution and obligatory “cowboy and Indian” standoff). That said, I found that many of the nostalgic images complemented the wistful tone of the track and its exploration of erstwhile promise. With that, I present, The Sandfighter