Static People Make Studio Move

Special thanks to Sonoma musicologist James Marshall Berry who made mention of the DHowell Media Group house band, Static People, in his Sonoma Index-Tribune column last week:

Sonoma’s latest cult band Static People has hooked up with multi-platinum, award-winning producer Jason Carmer to produce its debut album. Carmer’s credits include Third Eye Blind, the Donnas and Korn, among others. Tracks were recorded over a three-day period at Decibelle Recording in San Francisco, with Drew Zajicek [engineering]. The band, which consists of Dmitra Smith, Pascal Faivre, Daedalus Howell and Mundo Murguia has yet to determine a release date.

Cult band, indeed. Care for some Kool-Aid? For more on Jason Carmer, check out this Ear Whacks interview (his hair is longer now).