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  • Big Brother is watching – his royalties go up

    Jenny Hendrix writes in today’s Los Angeles Times that the present National Security Administration surveillance scandal has led to an appreciable uptick in sales of George Orwell’s 1984 on Amazon. By appreciable, we’re talking a 5,771% surge as of this morning. At the time Hendrix filed, the totalitarian tome was appearing at No. 4 on […]

  • Wacky Wednesday: Acid-Drenched Orwell via Dr. Seuss

    Wacky Wednesday: Acid-Drenched Orwell via Dr. Seuss

    Our son’s maternal grandmother was a kindergarten teacher, consequently we’ve inherited children’s books spanning both the decades of her career and those of her own child-rearing. We’ve inherited a library dating back to the 70s with many gems and as many that seem to be cultural artefacts form a parallel universe. Among the my son’s […]

  • Alternative History Lesson

    This question used to bug me: What happens when reality catches up to the year your futuristic sci-fi tome takes place and all your fancy prognostications are wrong? Given the amount of novels, films and related ephemera that have been set in the future, surely hundreds have had timelines that timed out. The biggies, of […]