The Rapture Right

The  Rapture RightThe Rapture Right. To rouse so-called atheists and agnostics to stand up for their beliefs, secular humanist performers Daniel Walker and Glen Stewart employ the identities of Trevor and Timothy Christian ??a pair of right-wing, bible-thumping, goth activists. The satirical identities not only raise eyebrows, they sometimes raise fists. From ArtsId


Arts ID on KRCB 91 FM

Welcome to ArtsID, a new radio magazine about North Bay arts made in? collaboration with KRCB, the North Bay Bohemian and the Arts Council of Sonoma County. Each show comes bundled in a shiny new theme ? this episode’s is “Identity.” Pieces include Petaluma sculptor Nick Van Kridjt, performance activists The Rapture Right, musician Danny Sorrentino and his alter-ego, Lucky Buck , a John Moran theater piece, and an audio tale by David Templeton of his teenaged quest to win the girl of his dreams by become Prince Charming…and more. So much more. Hosted by Gretchen Giles and Daedalus Howell. Listen live via iTunes!