When One’s Home is Another’s B&B

Sonoma Valley’s wine country is one of the most beautiful places on earth, which is why everybody, including your sundry friends and relations, want to visit all the time. Many of these folks, in fact, consider our homes their personal Bed and Breakfasts and will find cause to stay with us on the slimmest of…… Continue reading When One’s Home is Another’s B&B

How to Take a “Nomaday”

I’ve heard Wine Country described as “Disneyland for adults,” though I’ve never heard Disneyland described as Wine Country for kids. My inner child, the one who stole sips of Carlo Rossi Vin Rose when the parents’ theater troupe wasn’t looking, somehow resents this. Though Disneyland’s adjacent “California Adventure” theme park makes an attempt with its…… Continue reading How to Take a “Nomaday”