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From Oktoberfest to Mocktoberfest

Codified in 19th century Bavaria as an official 17-day beer-fueled celebration, Oktoberfest has been imported and contorted by innumerable celebrants as an excuse to...

Sunset Magazine Forgets Napa, Sonoma Wine Country – Beer to Blame

Most periodicals, whether they’re online or in print, annually produce what’s called an “editorial calendar.” This isn’t for the benefit of those who produce...

Tipply Tributes: Celebrity Beer Names

For your typical celebrity, it's to be expected that one day someone is going to name a sandwich or some other edible after you....

A Toast to Prohibition

Today, Dec. 5, should be declared a local holiday. No, it is not “a date that shall live in infamy,” nor is it the...

The Digerati and Me

Last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine theme, “How We Watch Stuff,” compelled me to log into the Netflix community page and summon data for...

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