Cinema Culture

I, Replicant: Artificial Intelligence and Me — A Selective Stroll with AI in Fiction and Beyond

I failed the Voight-Kampff test. Albeit, it was an online version of the “empathy exam” meant to separate the men from the machines as seen in Blade Runner, so it’s likely I’m the victim of some order of digital … Read on.


I Can Read Movies

spacesick-bladerunnerUtterly smitten with the work of artist-designer-genius Mitch Ansara’s work interpreting movies for his “I Can Read Movies” mock book covers series, I was inspired to research the origin of the aesthetic he both effectively and affectionately captured … Read on.


Forever Sean Young

In 2009, I had an interview with everyone’s favorite replicant,  actor Sean Young — who discussed Blade Runner, leaning boards and her coming comeback. 

DH: This is sort of a “boxers or briefs” question, but which do you … Read on.