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  • Cut the Cord

    ?Cut the cord? has become the rallying cry for those interested in abandoning cable television in favor of streaming online video to their phones, tablets, desktops and ??forsooth! ??televisions. It’s an apt phrase, not merely for its echoes of severing the umbilical cord in the delivery room but for its metaphoric reach into that almond-shaped […]

  • Quote: Netflix’ Open-source Alt-Distro Biz

    With the launch of a streaming-only option, many Netflix subscribers (including this one) will no longer say “and now the envelope please.” It’s a red-letter day for online movie distribution without, um, the red letter. What will happen to the post-office once their largest consumer of first class postage goes completely digital? And for that […]

  • SNL “Tiny Hat” Thievery Denuded by OTM

    Much head-scratching has occurred over s the alleged plagiarism of the “Tiny Hats” sketch originated by Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and recently echoed on Saturday Night Live. According to On The Media, the big brain beneath the tiny hats, Tim Heidecker, can’t sue since “comedy is a world where copyright law barely […]

  • Changes at KSRO beg the question: who killed the radio star?

    Radio is for the ruthless. At least that’s how it seems when rewatching Empire of the Air, a documentary by Ken Burns (who else?), currently being reprised on PBS stations on the eve of its 20th anniversary. The film recounts the bitter patent battle between radio pioneers Edwin Armstrong, inventor of frequency modulation (better known […]