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  • Superman Has a Day Job. And That’s Why I Love Him

    Superman has a day job and a bogus byline to boot. In his current iteration, he’s a stringer for the Daily Planet and thus a shoe-in to be the patron saint of journalists. Well, perhaps not all journalists – maybe just the ones in comics and those, like me, whose columns are quarantined to the […]

  • Clark Kent Laid Off, Starts Blog

    The Daily Planet laid me off today. My editor Perry sauntered over to my cube, dropped his bristly knuckles on my desk and said, ?Clark, can I have a word?? Normally, this would be followed by a refresher on our sexual harassment policy and a certain ?Little Lady? at the city desk. See how I […]

  • Courtesy Phone: It Rings for Thee

    Courtesy Phone: It Rings for Thee

    When it comes to dead media, I’m something of a tomb raider (at least I was while penning a futuristic ode to the Singularity, Google-gone-awry and 70s sci-fi flicks). Of course, scribe Bruce Sterling’s Dead Media Project aided in this endeavor and recently I encountered a similar project at Netherlands-based Experimental Jetset’s rather stylish Lost […]