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  • Writing Tips from Ian McEwan: Read and Avoid Creative Writing Programs

    In this interesting interview with author Ian McEwan (Atonement, Solar), the Booker Prize-winning novelist offers advice to aspiring writers: READ. The admonishment comes after he roundly dismisses undergraduate writing programs as ?a vehicle for mass ignorance? and ?deathly,? which, having attended one myself, I’m in complete concurrence. McEwan’s observation (like his books) has a bit […]

  • Writing Prompts: 5 Best Sites

    For creative writers, often the hardest words to find are the first. Fortunately, there are a litany of sites dedicated to writing prompts. For those who need a refresher, writing prompts are those pithy, literary starter breads that posit a point of creative meditation and goad you to explore it with words, words, words. Below […]