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  • Daedalus Howell: A Star Wars Story

    Daedalus Howell: A Star Wars Story

    Daedalus Howell: A Star Wars Story finds me as Lando Calrissian’s PR guy, having somehow discredited myself as a reporter at the Dagobah Post Dispatch. I try to do something chivalrous for a slave girl and it turns out she’s an undercover space cop for the New Republic.

  • How to use Corporate Personhood, Disney and Copyright Law to Live forever.

    A friend suggested that “corporate personhood” shouldn’t transcend the length of the human lifespan. She was generous, and suggested 100 years as a good round number, after which corporations would be liquidated. All and all, it seemed somehow fair that legal personage be subject, like us, to the laws of nature. Then it occurred to…

  • How to Take a “Nomaday”

    I’ve heard Wine Country described as “Disneyland for adults,” though I’ve never heard Disneyland described as Wine Country for kids. My inner child, the one who stole sips of Carlo Rossi Vin Rose when the parents’ theater troupe wasn’t looking, somehow resents this. Though Disneyland’s adjacent “California Adventure” theme park makes an attempt with its…