Award-winning Static People Go Halfsies Unplugged

Half People
There’s an adage in publishing circles that goes “novelists are born at 40.” In music, however, most rock stars are dead at 40, or at least their best creative years are behind them. San Francisco Bay Area-based Static People, however, are writing their own rules and in their book, 40 is the new “shut-the-fuck-up-about-our-age-already.” It does beg the question, however, “why this band, why now?”

“I feel like I’ve been kicking off since I moved to San Francisco in 1992,” says Dmitra Smith, whose multi-octave range and keen sense of the dramatic bring a rousing energy to the act, which also features guitarist Pascal Faivre and drummer Ken Shelf as well as a coterie of auxiliary members, who are brought in as projects require. “I started dreaming the ‘self’ that I’m becoming now when I was 14, but I had a hard time hanging my ass in the wind in public.”

Smith’s reticence gave way in 2008 when she formed Static People as an act of personal survival. Continue reading “Award-winning Static People Go Halfsies Unplugged”

New Tune from Static People: The Late Projectionist



The song is a better page-turner

Static People takes you to a mournful matinee with its latest track, “The Late Projectionist.” Give it a spin here or download it, compliments of the band.

You may also enjoy the novel of the same name by Static People’s bassist, now available digitally…
Get the Kindle version of The Late Projectionist. Here?s the complimentary Kindle app for iPhone (launches iTunes). As always, The Late Projectionist is available in paperback. Very cheap.

Static People Make Studio Move

Special thanks to Sonoma musicologist James Marshall Berry who made mention of the DHowell Media Group house band, Static People, in his Sonoma Index-Tribune column last week:

Sonoma’s latest cult band Static People has hooked up with multi-platinum, award-winning producer Jason Carmer to produce its debut album. Carmer’s credits include Third Eye Blind, the Donnas and Korn, among others. Tracks were recorded over a three-day period at Decibelle Recording in San Francisco, with Drew Zajicek [engineering]. The band, which consists of Dmitra Smith, Pascal Faivre, Daedalus Howell and Mundo Murguia has yet to determine a release date.

Cult band, indeed. Care for some Kool-Aid? For more on Jason Carmer, check out this Ear Whacks interview (his hair is longer now).