Film Lab

  • Yeah We Know | Still in the Dome

    Sonoma State University students trapped in a 2 year experiment… in a dome. Thety started a band to raise enough money through sales of their music and merch to buy out their contracts.

  • Alphabet City | Finn and the City

    Music by James Stuart. Video directed Daedalus Howell, animated by Brannon Ferguson. Placed here for demo purposes only.

  • Fletcher Benton: The Artist’s Studio

    Our latest commission from the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art ??a portrait of critically-acclaimed sculptor Fletcher Benton. Created with longtime collaborator Raymond Scott Daigle. Fletcher Benton: The Artist’s Studio from Raymond Daigle on Vimeo.

  • Sonoma County Lifestyle Ambassador

    Name: Daedalus Howell Title: Lifestyle Ambassador Mission: Enlighten those outside Sonoma as to what’s Inside Sonoma, America’s premiere Wine, Spa and Coastal Destination. And occasionally wear a sash. Presented by the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, media personality and wine country bon vivant Daedaluls Howell deconstructs the traditional travelogue as he tours viewers through his native…

  • Life of Making

    Life of Making from Daedalus Howell | FMRL on Vimeo. A complement to an exhibit at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art of the same title, this short documentary similarly celebrates the work and workings of three internationally acclaimed artists who explore the boundary between the act of making and the art of living. Jim…

  • DHowellTV

    An experiment in hosting a video podcast. Aborted pending a better idea.

  • R&H Educational Films

    Educational films by R&H (Rapp and Howell), produced for Universal Studios and aired on Showtime: Is It Time to Swap? Let’s Meet Those People, What to do with Your Dead Hooker and Johnny-Come-Early.