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  • Superman Has a Day Job. And That’s Why I Love Him

    Superman has a day job and a bogus byline to boot. In his current iteration, he’s a stringer for the Daily Planet and thus a shoe-in to be the patron saint of journalists. Well, perhaps not all journalists – maybe just the ones in comics and those, like me, whose columns are quarantined to the […]

  • New Year’s Wishes: George Plimpton at Elaine’s

    New Year’s Wishes: George Plimpton at Elaine’s

    Apropos of New Year’s Eve, Flavorwire’s Emily Temple collected 20 Excellent Photos of Famous Authors Partying. Temple did an awesome job but I submit that she missed the shot below of George Plimpton, the charming and erudite forerunner of New Journalism and a founder of the Paris Review (among so, so many other accomplishments), as photographed […]