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(If) You’re Going to San Francisco

There’s a type of Sonoman that I never thought I’d become. The one that brags to visiting friends, “…Another thing that’s so bloody great about Sonoma is how close we are to the City. Heck, we can go anytime we want!” But we don’t. The City in this scenario, of course, is San Francisco – […]


Robert Kamen: Hollywood & Vines

FADE IN: EXT. COUNTRY MOUNTAINSIDE – DAY ROBERT KAMEN, the wordsmith behind well over a dozen films (from Taps and the Karate Kid franchise to the wine-themed romance A Walk in the Clouds – he has also collaborated with French diretor Luc Besson such as The Fifth Element and the Transporter films) navigates an SUV […]


Morphic Resonance

Good morning, Class — Today’s vocabulary lesson comes from biologist Rupert Sheldrake, author of “The Sense of Being Stared At.” Ready? “Morphic resonance.” Say it together. Morphic resonance: A phenomenon wherein collective memories are transmitted and shared between members of a species as if telepathically, which results in disparate entities, completely autonomous of each other, […]