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  • How to Write Fantasy Fiction

      Here’s the secret recipe to writing fantasy fiction, courtesy of an audiobook engineer I know:

  • How to Guest Blog and Get Invited Back

    Guest-blogging is usually a one-off affair. You dash off some keyword dense, SEO-friendly screed on ?How To Guest Blog from a Federal Penitentiary? or ?Top 5 Ways Guest Blogging Can Improve Your Sex Life? with the understanding that the blog’s host will preserve the precious ?back link? from their blog to yours. Naturally, the link…

  • Publish Your Goddamn Book Already

    Publishing is dead. Long live publishing. Or at least, self-publishing, which, thanks to a plethora of services and a general de-stigmatization of the so-called vanity press could be entering something of a golden era. So where are the literary breakouts? The through-line from Gutenberg’s invention of movable type to the desktop publishing revolution of the…