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  • Cut the Cord

    ?Cut the cord? has become the rallying cry for those interested in abandoning cable television in favor of streaming online video to their phones, tablets, desktops and ??forsooth! ??televisions. It’s an apt phrase, not merely for its echoes of severing the umbilical cord in the delivery room but for its metaphoric reach into that almond-shaped […]

  • Top 10 Things Killed by the Internet

    Intrepid media-man Daedalus Howell laments the loss of his local video store and enumerates the Top 10 things killed by the Internet in the past decade from classified ads and travel agencies, to phone books and…

  • Voice from the Past and Future

    As Hulu continues to siphon viewers from TV land into its gaping maw of its voluminous server-barns, we can finally say ?Convergence is upon us.? Fortunately, no one is using the word ?convergence? anymore. However, back when we did, one man’s voice could be heard loud and clear above the din of ka-ching and kaput. […]